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Ordre national du Québec - Honneur au peuple du Québec

Nominations de 2019 – Candidature pour l’Ordre national du Québec

Introduction to the form

Any citizen may nominate an exceptional person for their appointment (or promotion) to one of the ranks of the Ordre national du Québec, as long as the individual was born in Québec or lives here and is not a member of the National Assembly.

The nomination must be sponsored by two people or by an organization (association, municipal council, etc.).

Nomination files are evaluated by the Board of the Ordre national, whose responsibility is to make recommendations to the Premier of Québec. The Board consists of nine people from different regions of the province who have already been inducted into the Ordre and have been elected by its membership.

We suggest you have on hand information about the person being nominated, such as his or her contact information, career, contributions, and distinctions, before starting to complete the form.

Instructions for making a nomination

  1. You must complete all sections of this form

    In the case of a promotion (in which an existing member of the Ordre national du Québec moves up to a superior rank [Officer or Grand Officer]), describe the person’s growth (social, intellectual, professional, etc.) since his or her induction into the Ordre.

  2. Enclose with your nomination, by mail or courier to the delivery address below, the following elements:
    • The duly completed form signed by the individuals making and supporting the nomination, i.e. sections 1 to 3;
    • The candidate’s curriculum vitæ – not mandatory but strongly recommended;
    • o Any other supporting document for the nomination (letter of recommendation, media report, etc., which is likely to strengthen the nomination).

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