L'Ordre national du Québec - Honneur au peuple du Québec - La plus haute distinction décernée par le gouvernement du Québec.

Rights and privileges

Does being a member of the Ordre entail monetary advantages?

No material or financial advantage is linked to holding a title in the Ordre, regardless of the rank (Knight, Officer or Grand Officer).

What are the rights and privileges of members of the Ordre?

  • Members enjoy a rank determined by the rules or protocol applicable in Québec.
  • Members may wear the insignia reflecting their rank according to the circumstance.
  • Members may add the initials reflecting their rank after their name, that is, C.Q. for Knight, O.Q. for Officer and G.O.Q. for Grand Officer.
  • Members have their name engraved in granite at the monument of the Ordre.

When do the rights and privileges of a member of the Ordre take effect?

As soon as Cabinet has adopted the government decree confirming the appointment of the “member” to the Ordre, thus even before the decree is published in the Government of Québec’s Gazette officielle.

Note. – Contrary to similar orders in other provinces, the Ordre does not require an investiture ceremony during which the rank is conferred by the Lieutenant-Governor of the province in question, which, in principle, officializes the rights and privileges of title holders. In other words, a “member” of the Ordre is considered a member with the full scope and extent of their rights and privileges before having officially been presented with their insignia in person by the Premier or a government representative.

Can members of the Ordre lose their rights and privileges?

Members may have their right to use their title of member of the Ordre and the attendant prerogatives temporarily or definitely suspended.

Expulsion from the Ordre is the ultimate sanction in cases involving notorious misconduct or serious breach of conduct. Expulsion, which involves withdrawing the decoration, occurs at the initiative of the Premier of Québec.

Last update: March 7, 2016
Online as of: September 27, 2011